E Tu Wairoa
Nau Mai,
Haere Mai
Welcome to E Tū Wairoa

About Us

We are a local network aiming to address whānau violence here in Wairoa. Our aim is to provide a strength based, tikanga Māori approach to encourage and support whānau in Wairoa to live violence free lives.

We will be responsible for providing a range of prevention, early intervention and postvention initiatives and services for Wairoa.

Mission Statement

Te tukutuku o te mahi tahi – roughly means that it is never too late for us to fix our mistakes. If we find ourselves heading down a destructive path in life that is hurting ourselves and/or our whānau, it is indeed possible to remedy our actions/behaviours (by unravelling back to the place where things were tika). We believe that this state of tika (where things are on track and going well) can be achieved with the right support, effort, and time.

E Tū Wairoa Nurtures & Celebrates

  • Te Ao Māori taking responsibility and action to create positive change
  • Doing things that make whānau strong
  • Tikanga and traditional values (drawing on rich and powerful traditions)
  • Kahukura; the people that inspire change in whānau and communities

Our Values

Our values came from conversations with whānau about the strengths of contemporary Māori life and the values that keep our whānau healthy.

These values – aroha, whanaungatanga, whakapapa, kōrero awhi, mana manaaki, and tikanga – while uniquely Māori, are aligned with international evidence about protective factors for families.

Together, these values can be joined (like puzzle pieces) to form the foundation that holds whānau together to provide strength.

E Tu Wairoa

What We Do

We are currently in the process of:
  • establishing kaupapa Māori Family Violence Intervention Programmes to meet the needs of our whānau
  • establishing a vulnerable children’s model of case management
  • promoting positive role models in our community
  • developing a plan to embed the E Tū Wairoa values across the community
  • participating in national days/campaigns to support the awareness raising of stopping violence in Wairoa

So let’s E Tū Wairoa! And show that we’re against family violence abuse in OUR town.

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